Note that there are separate sets of assignments for CS 451/651 and CS 431/631. Make sure you work on the correct asssignments!

CS 431/631 Assignments

Assignment 3 due 2:30pm February 23

For this assignment, you should continue to use the Waterloo CS Jupyter hub, as you did for Assignment 2. You will need to download the following two files and then upload them to the hub: As usual, open the starter notebook on the hub to get started working on the assignment.

Submitting Assignment 3

When you have finished, submit A3 using the same procedure you used for A2:

  1. Download your A3.ipynb file from the Jupyter hub to your computer.
  2. Submit your A3.ipynb file to your GitHub repository using the web interface like you did in assignment 2.

Make sure you have uploaded the correct A3.ipynb file, and not an HTML version of it. Github supports .ipynb visualization, you should be able to display your notebook in the web interface.

That's it! Note that your A3.ipynb file should be committed and pushed to origin before the deadline.

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